Wednesday, May 8, 2019-A popular Tanzanian pastor has been causing a buzz on the blogosphere for the better part of yesterday and today  after his sex tape leaked.

The famous man of God identified as Bishop Gwanjima, the founder of Ufufuo na Uzima Ministries, was having sex with a lady said to be a member of his church in the leaked sex tape that has spread like bushfire.

The married pastor is renowned for condemning fornication and in most cases, he says that men who cheat on their wives will go to the hottest part in hell yet he is busy cheating on his wife and going against what he preaches.

These are the pastors who preach water and drink wine.

We have come across part of the sex tape where he was thoroughly working on one of the ladies who attend his church.

We will share the full sex tape once we get it but in the meantime, see the rogue man of God unleashing his machete on a church member.

Here's the lady he was feasting on.

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