Thursday May 9, 2019-A section of kikuyu community elders have warned President Uhuru Kenyatta against sidelining Deputy President William Ruto following the recent appointments of parastatal bosses.

Speaking on Thursday, the elders led by their chairman Paul Mwati said the recent appointments only favoured those supporting the handshake between Uhuru and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Mwati stated that Uhuru needed to review his relationship with Ruto and address the divisions in the Jubilee Party.

“I want to remind the President that he is undermining his own statesmanship by frustrating and belittling his deputy,” Mwati stated.

“The architects of the Jubilee government are both Uhuru and Ruto and this is a matter of public record and every effort aimed at undermining Ruto as the Deputy President of Kenya will fail,” he added.

Mwati professed that history may judge Uhuru harshly if he fails to endorse his deputy for the top seat in 2022.

Mwati said Ruto is a God fearing leader, whom the Kikuyu community want to lead them in 2022.


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