Friday May 3, 2019-Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu has come clean about the ridiculous budget allocations that were presented to the Senate County Public Accounts and Investment Committee.

In an interview done on KTN News Thursday night, Waititu blamed former Governor William Kabogo for the mess in the budget.

He stated that the budget was for the year 2017/18 and had been prepared by the previous Government.

"It's actually not us who did this budget but for the previous Government, under Governor Kabogo," he stated.

According to Waititu, the document had additional pages that he considered foreign but he did not question it because it was coming from the Auditor General.

"It's like this is the whole report, it had up to page 16 but from page 17 there's an annexure, which according to us is a foreign document," he illustrated.

"This is a system generated document and anything could have happened to it, a mistake or somebody could have put it in our document to portray our County as being irresponsible," he continued.

The report has blasted Waititu for allocating money for functions only done by State House.



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