Thursday May 2, 2019-Central Organisation of Trade Union (COTU) Secretary General, Francis Atwoli, has rubbished claims made by allies of Deputy President William Ruto that he hates members of the Kikuyu community.

For the last few months, Ruto‘s stooges have been claiming that Atwoli’s Washenzi slur is used to refer to members of the Kikuyu community.

But in his defence during Labour Day celebrations at Uhuru Park on Wednesday, Atwoli insisted he is misunderstood by his critics.

The outspoken trade unionist maintained that he shares cordial ties with people from this community and he has always supported them in different ways.

He also said that he has voted for several leaders from the Kikuyu community, which is a clear indicator that he not against them in any way as alleged.

“I cannot say all Kikuyus are stupid; Honorable Maina Kamanda welcome. I have voted for Maina Kamanda since he was a young man. I was born in Nairobi and I want you to understand that besides my job that I was given by the Kikuyu community when I was young my first girlfriend was a Kikuyu,” Atwoli said.


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  1. There is need for terms limits in such high profile jobs. The mzee has been too long here and needs to vacate the stage for others to drive COTU. He has become more politically correct in his style and everything he says is either about his wifes, Mipango Wa Kandos or Ruto nkt. What happened to agitating for workers? @SomeoneTellAtwoliAendeKachiiKulaMukombero.