How we had a one night stand with 2 Meru men who had sold Miraa, they gave us 50K and 30K respectively- LADY narrates.

Sasa juu leo ni Monday  lemme start udaku..
I remember before i got married nlikua na upoko flny short i was like a hoe although i was working but nlikua napenda dow ya i had a partner in crime lets call her tracy.. We both worked as receptionists in a certain hotel we were damn cute n hips nazo tumezibeba but sio za madawa..we stayed together hadi people used to say tunafanana..sometimes wed wear same clothes au same coulors n we lived in a bedsitter which was 6k so wed share the bills .the salay we got was 10k each n being a slay wueen unajua tht isnt enough do wed go hunting wen off au nyts..tungepata mathiponta n after sleeping with them mtu angepata ata 3k nyt stand..wen a man could meet as in the club at nyt tungejifanya vile tunaogopa hiyo maneno n act see ..some gals u meet in the club pretends awajui mob but ndani ni wire ya stima..we had this innocent looks n some men thought they were taking advantage of naive gals yet aim was to win them ...we had our boyfrds bt they didnt knw the other side of us since tungekua nao wen off n no man could bother us....haha one day we went clubing kama kawaida n met some men from meru ..they had pesa ya miraa n thy both seemed to be washamba..they were 2 so tulikya equal..we ate n drank till kitu 12am ivi wakadai wanataka tukadoz coz they were to leave early..they agreed ati tutachukua one room with 2beds . n mark u thy knew we were afta kuingia room they left us ndo wakapick cds.. We had to start our drama..they met me cryng with sis conforting me n telling me all wil be frst thy thought wametukosea..sis created a huge lie n told them vile nlipatiwa fees (we had told thm tuko campo) ya 40k na imepotelea kwa club so nashindwa vile ntasema au penye ntatoa n i love school..they sympathized with us na mwenye alikua wangu came n wiped my tears akanibembeleza nisijali he'll try n assist me coz ashanipenda..😂😂😂 i tel u my heart skiped a bit kuskia ntasortiwa .so we took a shower na kila mtu na wake kwa kitanda..we were drunk so ikua issue kuwa same room n we fucked the hell out of them .i tel u nliride uyo mzae hadi akalia..sis too did her job well thoh ilikua kwa giza we had switched the lyts the morning the kibaba gave me 50k n told me to go clear my fees n was so happy coz i made sure ameenjoy..sis alipewa 30 . They were so happy yaani sura personal zikiwa na tudem tunakaa kina shikwekwe who wouldnt be happy.. Next naleta kwa comments.

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