Popular HIV activist, Doreen  Moraa, narrates how a sponsor gave her a lift from Kilimani to town in his Range Rover and started seducing her.

He wanted to slide into her pants without a condom but things went south after she revealed her status.

Read this story ladies and gentlemen. 

Yesterday after my interview on my way home .....a range rover 🚘 pulled up to me as i was heading to the bus stop to get a Matatu from Kilimani to town....The man inside greeted me and was like “happy Labor day”....I responded back “to you too 😊” he was looking 👀 at my kinyambs funnily so i knew he was just a fisi and he wasn’t going to kidnap me so i didn’t have to worry about finding myself headless in Oldonyo Sabuk 😂😂😂he asked me where i was headed to i told him home 🤗he asked where home 🏡 is and i just told him i have to pass through town before i reach home 😄😄you see i don’t like telling strangers i live in the leafy suburbs of Eastleigh coz what if he is a stalker 🤷‍♀️also most people jump into conclusion and ask me “don’t you fear being bombed😰” so i keep my neighborhood to myself🤗🤗🤗he told me hop in let me give you a lift to town for a second I almost said no 🤔then i realized we were causing traffic so i got in put my 📱 phone location on just incase i get kidnaped and end up being used for money rituals then my family can trace me 😂😂😂😂Once we set off to town he started flirting with me complimenting my kinyambs among other things and saying he likes how my dress 👗 is hugging my curves🤗I could clearly see his wedding band but he went on to tell me when you come to see me dress like this na usivae kifuniko cha asali (legends will understand)😂😂😂Shamelessly he told me you know i want to have sex with you and I’ll pay 💰 you nicely but i cant “eat” such curves with protection if you want we can go get a HIV test 🤗🤗🤗 i told him no need I’m HIV positive...he was shocked 😳😳😳and told me i was being selfish with my kitty 🐈 yet he was willing to spend nicely on me 🤔🤔i then showed a photo of me proudly posing with my ARVs by now we were in town he hurriedly told me we shall talk he has a meeting somewhere he needs to rush to 😂😂😂we are yet to talk 🤗🤗🤗🤗Dear married men....that PYT with an ass from here to Timbuktu might just be HIV positive......that curvy lass giving you funny stairos in bed might be infected but coz you are focusing on her kinyambs you believe her when she asks you “beb hunitrust 😊😊” ......BE FAITHFUL to your partner if she doesn’t have kinyambs mnunulie kigodoro 😂😂😂if she has now become too tired and is a firm believer of kifo cha mende talk to her and tell her you can try mbuzi kataa kwenda 🐐 😂😂😂😂if yellow yellows excite you and your spouse wasn’t blessed with a yellow color mnunulie mkorogo😂😂😂if tight clothes are your thing and she has now resolved to t-shirt za kochokocho and leso za “mvumilivu hula mbivu” buy her lingerie and let her wear them for you for your personal entertainment 😂😂😂otherwise you will get infected with something you could have prevented.....a huge ass,nice yellow skin or tight skimpy dresses are not proof that ,that Pretty young thing is HIV negative stay faithful to your partners. #iamabeautifulstory#iamgreaterthanHIV #stopnewinfections


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