Thursday May 9, 2019-High Court Judge, Wilfrida Okwany, has today lifted a freeze on bank accounts operated by WOW Beverages and Wines of the World Ltd, where city billionaire Stephen Kariuki is a director.

Two months ago, Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) went to court and were allowed to freeze Kariuki’s banks accounts over evading Sh 3 billion tax.

But in her ruling Wifrida , who is among the most corrupt judges in Kenya, lifted the freezing, saying the taxman failed to notify the individual under probe of an assessment.

KRA had argued that the investigations into Mr Kariuki was being carried out by a multi-agency team.

The Judge quoted Section 43 (7) of the Tax Procedures Act which gives KRA 30 days from account freezing to notify the individual who they accuse of evading tax.

Now Kariuki is free to enjoy his dirty money thanks to our rotten Judiciary!


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