Sunday May 5, 2019-Interior Coordination Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiangi, has challenged leaders not to engage in politics while attending church functions.

Addressing Christians at a church in Nyamira on Saturday, Matiangi, who is a Seventh Day Adventist, said politicians should stop politicking in churches. 

"My appeal to politicians is that when attending church services they should avoid talking about politics because the church is meant to worship but, not play politics," Matiangi said.

He also challenged Christians not to be hypocrites in the church.

"Christians need to be honest and live a good life. Being a hypocrite while pretending to be Christians will make several people miss to see the Kingdom of the Lord," he said. 

The “Super CS” maintained that politicians donating monies to churches should be honest and regretted that some politicians were stealing public funds to take to churches as donations adding that those doing so will be punished by God.

"There is no need for people to steal and take to church. If you don't have enough just donate the little you have and God will bless you," Matiangi noted. 


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  1. and as you give you road advice to Christian, as you sure you will see the kingdom of God for all the reason you know and every knows you are not representing the truth.
    The church is our bodies and the church building are places where Christians and none Christian gather to hear the word of God by true pastors and cults.
    After all GOD knows everybodies heart and your advise is misplaced: for free.