Thursday May 9, 2019-Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has recommended the removal of three judges who are accused of engaging in corruption deals during their tenure as Judges of the High Court.

In a statement on Thursday, JSC president and Chief Justice, David Maraga said Justices DK Marete, Lucy Waithaka and Martin Muya are inappropriate to serve in the Judiciary.

"After hearing the following 3 petitions, the Commission was satisfied that they disclosed grounds for removal underArticle 168 (1) of the Constitution and made a decision to Petition H.E. the President for the appointment ofTribunals under Article 168 (5) of the Constitution,” Maraga said.

The complaints against three judges disclosed incompetence, bias, impropriety and professional misconduct, hence the decision to advise the President to form a tribunal for their removal.

Judge Martin Muya was one time Principal Magistrate in Makadara Law Courts and he was as corrupt as hyena.

Justice Marete is accused of gross misconduct, bias, impartiality and breach of the Constitution in a petition filed by Kenya Tea Growers Association (KTGA), Unilever, Siret and five others at the Kericho Employment & Labour Relations Court.

For Justice Lucy Waithaka, she is accused of impropriety for issuing two conflicting judgments over the same matter.


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