He licked my dirty A$$HOLE-Kenyan SLAY QUEEN narrates the nasty stuff they go through when wealthy Arab men invite them to Dubai for paid SEX, Just SHOCKING!!

A Kenyan slay queen reached out to us and narrated the nasty stuff she went through after her friend invited her to Dubai for paid sex.

When you see slay queens living large on Instagram, just know they go through hell to afford that lavish life.

Listen to her story. It's long but worth reading.

"i was going through a rough patch in life and happened to ask my friend Maya how she made her money,,,, yet she had no job. Maya was kind enough to tell me of how she used to get hooked up with sponsors but with what i was going through, was willing to take any risk.

After two weeks i got a text from Maya asking me if i had a passport that she got a deal in Dubai. Tickets will be paid for. My passport was ready and she told me she got a deal worth $40k(ati whaaaaat) yes its true but 12% will be paid as a deposit to cater for our visas and transport. Wee that's about half a million (mashida bye bye). Everything was ready in a weeks time and we left on Wednesday evening. Getting at the airport, someone picked us to the hotel we were four girls. We slept woke up had lunch and Maya told us we were heading for a cruise. That's  where the job will be. The same person picked us and took us to the boat. In the boat they were like 15 arab guys.They didn't even bother to say hi to us they were just drinking and laughing.

We sat at a different edge where maya told us this are the guys we were here for and we can drink or eat anything we want,,,, i drank silly having the privilege of having any drink and servants all around me. After about two hours, a servant came and told us its time to go to our rooms.  He directed us and told us to undress and lay naked on the bed. I had no problem getting laid for $40k. So i was so ready for it. After about 20mins one of the arab guys came in a rob.  No foreplay or anything. He just pulled me at the edge of the bed. He started pumping. He didn't take long before i had him mourn saying words i couldn't understand, only for him to cum  on my face. I tried wiping off but he slapped me and told me if i want to get paid,  I should remain like that and he left. I wanted the money so didn't bother wiping off. 5 mins later another Arab guy came did the same and left. A 3rd and 4th came, remember they are all cumming on my face. After the fourth one left, the servant came and took me to the bathroom and told me not to wipe myself, a minute later the four men came. They all gave me a golden shower to wipe of the cum(golden shower ni kukojolewa)

Part two

After the guys left, i was told to take a shower. I stayed in that tab for almost an hour feeling disgusted but in my mind i thought all about the money. Went had dinner and a bottle of wine, i never got to meet maya and the other girls. The servant told me to get ready for the next day which is the day that determines if i get paid and a message popped from my bank another 12%had been deposited. Went to bed a happy woman knowing i had bagged $10k in just a short while. The next day the servant woke me up and told me to clean up myself but remain naked and i should not poop for a reason i dont know why. After the shower, i found two arab men in my room all naked one had a whip like stuff on his hand and on the bed was a kastuff with ball ziko connected but they start from the smallest. The other guy lay on the bed and he asked me to take the kathing with balls and peg him(hii nikumweka kwa matako). I was given the instructions to start with the small ball as he enjoys i should countinue pushing till the fourth ball. I was to push and pull that thing in his a###s i did it and the guy was screaming in pleasure, the other guy was just whipping him. And in no time, i saw the guy in a whip cum then i was told to stop. But it took almost an hour for this to happen. I was dem hungry and my hands were tired. Was told to eat well and be ready for the afternoon with strict rules not to poop. I had breakfast but this time i met the girls and they all seemed ok with everything happening but they  told me to be patient because that day determined if i will get paid.

After noon came it was time to go to our rooms. I made sure i was high so as to endure the fetish things i was seeing, only to find the bed covered in a polythene. At the back of my mind, I  thought these  guys didn't want to wet the bed with their cum. One Arab guy came and told me to go poop at the bed as he watched me niliambiwa inaitwa scat. Weee i did as i was told but immediately i was done, the guy grabbed me and started licking my dirty ass hole mind you hadn't wiped myself. He seemed to be enjoying it coz all he did was speak in kiarabu.

When he was done, he told me to lie down and he placed his ass close to my body and started escalating near my boobs. That shit was smelly and a few minutes he was done and started playing with his own shit but i wouldn't stand the smell anymore. I started puking. The guy slapped me and I rushed to the bathroom and started cleaning myself. The guy left my room so angry but i almost spend the whole night in the shower. I really wanted to go home.

The servant   came and cleaned and left but he told me i won't get paid for not finishing the task. The next day we were taken to the shore. All the other girls were fully paid but i didn't receive any payment.

 But  I already had the cash they paid before. We  left and I never contacted Maya again though she is still living the instagram  life. Let  me lavish in my problems instead of being a sex slave.

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