Thursday May 9, 2019-Nakuru Senator, Susan Kihika, has said MPs and senators were right to award themselves Sh 250, 000 monthly allowance.

Speaking on Wednesday during the Citizen TV's JKLive show, Kihika reiterated that from the previous parliament, only the MPs and Deputy Governors were not enjoying the house allowances hence sidelined from such benefits contrary to the law.

“Article 27 of the constitution is really about fairness and non-discrimination. If you look at the history of this house allowance there were two categories of people who were discriminated against or rather did not have house allowances; the Deputy Governors as well as MPs," Kihika said.

The greedy lawmaker further added that last year, the Labour and Employment Court awarded Deputy Governors housing allowances and the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) had to implement the order.

"A year ago, Deputy Governor's went to court and the labour court felt that they were being discriminated. Once the Deputy Governors were allowed to have house allowance through court, the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) decided to implement that court order," she said.

She concluded by saying that if the nation and the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) feel that they do not require the benefit, housing allowance should be scrapped from all state officers for equality to be maintained.


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  1. That's fine MS. Can they other side enjoy those benefits extended to you such as car grants, house loans, hefty fuel allowances, sitting allowances, travel allowances for benchmarking locally and abroad, hefty salaries and the list is endless. our political class are simply pests/vermins and only interested in their welfares alone. Inflation is killing Kenyans whose CBAs have not been actualized since 2017 july. And here we have these men and women asking for house allowances since the other lesser mortals having them. Can they also legislate to have the others be at par with all the things they enjoy including security. Some od work far much more than these guys, we are more learned than these guys, we bring money from outside for research and bursaries for our students and our country yet we earn peanuts. These guys only need a quorum of some 50 guys to transact business yet many times no enough quorum. We have to be there daily yet earn peanuts. What exactly do these guys do and of what value is it to the current situation in Kenya. Mungu ana waona. Read the holy book properly espe cially where it states that you will never live to enjoy the proceeds of corruption. Andf even for those that you leave it to behind, they will never use it for a good cause, so all will be vanity of vanities. Do I say.