Governor WAITITU should be in Kamiti – See the number of houses he has constructed using stolen money from Kiambu – KABOGO was God sent

Thursday May 2, 2019-Former Kiambu Governor, William Kabogo, on Thursday decided to show the ‘evidence’ of corruption in Kiambu County under the leadership of Governor Ferdinand Waititu.

Since his election as Kiambu governor in 2017, Waititu has amassed a lot of wealth and purchased a lot of houses using his wife and children’s names.

On Thursday, Kabogo paraded several buildings which have been bought by Waititu using proceeds of corruption.

Among the buildings the flamboyant politician showed was Delta Hotel in Nairobi’s CBD building.

Over the weekend Kabogo lashed at Waititu saying he is stealing in Kiambu and building houses in Nairobi.

“Those who got me out of office said they are doing so to do work, but they did not tell you the work they were coming to do. How can you buy three houses in Nairobi within one year? What did I buy during my tenure?” Kabogo asked.

 Here is what Kabogo wrote on Thursday.


  1. His buildings must reposessed and waititu severely punished.

  2. NEXT TIME WE must vote small-bellied man. These big stomachs cannot be filled( NDA - NENE- TA-IREBE)

  3. Why are Kiambu people silent like fools. WAKE UP. THIS D*&^*L-LIKE-GOVERNOR CAN SWALLOW YOU ALL !!!!!!!

  4. The most dangerous GRABBER ever known.

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