Thursday, May 9, 2019-The owner of the popular Blue Springs Hotel that is located along Thika Road has been exposed for sexually exploiting staff.

According to the information we have , the randy and aging man who also owns the famous Sahara West Park in Ruaka has transformed his office to a brothel.

He hates using condoms when having sex with his staff members by force  and he is allegedly sick.

Here’s what a staff at Blue Springs Hotel whispered to us.

I can tell you about what happens in hotels. Now, I worked at blue springs Thika road and the owner there is fire. He feasts on girls left right and centre. 

He'll start by acting nice the first day. Plus there's a certain supervisor who's always taking girls to him. Anyone who has been to blue springs knows the kinda guy the owner is. 

When you arrive there the first day, he'll buy you drinks, treat you nicely na will give you a job depending on how you present yourself. He'll take you out then after you start working, you'll hear rumours from his many girls saying now there's a new competition. 

Not once or twice has that guy made girls have physical fights and he'll call one by one and tell you shitty things about the other. The guy is an illiterate so you can imagine how he behaves. 

He'll hit on every waiter, intern, cashier. He literally can sleep with 5 girls in a day in his office and that's not the only hotel he owns. There's sahara west park in ruaka where he dumps girls after using them. 

Kwanza after amekumunchia kwa office yake then a realise nikama unaelewa game yake na madame, he'll take you to his other restaurant. 

He forces girls to sleep with him and most times without CD then he intimidates you. That man is a devil. 

I thank God nilichanuliwa before nikue victim. Most of his workers have once been his mistresses. 

Wakatumiwa wakaachwa then ukimkosea kidogo unafutwa job so he can get new girls. He is just so heartless. 

Then people suspect he's HIV +VE.”


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