Drama as defiant AISHA JUMWA teaches ODM’s EDWIN SIFUNA a lesson he will never forget-See what she did to him yesterday?

Saturday May 4, 2019-Mourners at a funeral of Benjamin Kingi, father to Mombasa Deputy Governor Dr. William Kingi were treated to a rare drama yesterday after Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa retaliated against ODM Secretary General, Edwin Sifuna, several months after her unprecedentedly expulsion over close links with Deputy President William Ruto.

This is after she interrupted Sifuna’s speech forcing him to cut short his speech.

In his speech, Mr. Sifuna had just started explaining the process of removal of a member from the party before Jumwa scolded him, then snatching microphone.

"The party rules are very clear on disciplining members. The rules were not crafted by Sifuna," Sifuna said before interrupting by Aisha Jumwa.

A furious Jumwa accused Sufuna of politicking in funeral, adding that his sentiments would be best explained at an ODM meeting or rally.

"Our Secretary General we didn't come here to talk about ODM politics. We are purposely here to eulogise with the family of the deceased. Respect the Mijikenda people."

 Sifuna got embarrassed as he stared at the crowd forcing him to give up and resume his seat.


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