Saturday May 4,2019-National Super Alliance (NASA ) strategist, David Ndii, has blamed Orange Democratic Movement(ODM) party leader , Raila Odinga over yesterday’s drama in Kilifi county where Malindi  MP , Aisha Jumwa  snatched a microphone from ODM Secretary General , Edwin Sifuna.

 The incident happened during the burial of Kilifi Governor, Amason Kingi’s father Benjamin Kingi where Jumwa accused Sifuna of trying to politicize the burial.

 Now commenting about the brawl on Saturday, Ndii blamed Raila odinga for abandoning his lieutenants and now they are confused.

Ndii, who is an economist by professional dismissed Jumwa's critics saying Sifuna only received a share of what he had intended to serve Jumwa during his address to mourners.

"People here all over Jumwa for shutting down Edwin Sifuna who went dressing her down in her turf, and got what he had coming. Leaving the depressing display of patriarchy at its worst, the elephant in the room here is that Raila Odinga abandoned his troops but Sifuna and co. have no choice but to keep complimenting the emperor in his new clothes," 

 He went on to observe that; "Raila is not providing leadership - what we see is a follower clinging on a drunkard staggering from pillar to post, expecting the troops to follow blindly because he is Baba the Magician."

Ndii called out ODM supporters for failing to face Raila with facts about the state of the party and evidently a failed leadership structure. 

"If we can’t tell Raila he is naked, how different are we from the UhuRuto toadies we rail against all day long? If this is a foretaste of President Raila - my way or the highway - how different is it from a Ruto one?" he wondered.

 The Kenyan DAILY POST

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