Alinidanganya yeye ni virgin lakini hutaamini kilichotokea nilipofungua mzigo - MAN calls Milele FM and shocks listeners (AUDIO)

Tuesday, May 21, 2019 - A frustrated man from Ruiru called Milele FM and narrated how he had an awful sex experience with a lady who lied to him that she is a virgin.

According to this poor boychild, he met the lady and they started dating.

The lady refused to open her servers to him, claiming that he must prove he is serious.

Apparently, she used to brag to him that she is a virgin and the man was very eager to open her servers for the first time.

The poor man agreed to be patient and wait until the day the lady decides to dish out her fresh goodies that have never been touched before to him.

They went for a date in Naivasha where he opened his girlfriend’s servers for the first time.
However, he got the shock of his life after opening the servers.

He thought he was test driving a new Mercedes Benz from DT Dobie but he ended up  driving an old Toyota that has been over-used.

Listen to him speak on Milele FM, Eh! Eh!


  1. katiba mzee

  2. We do have virgins, true, the new born girls who are in the maternity wards.

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