Sunday April 21, 2019-African Union (AU) Envoy Raila Odinga has once condemned local churches for abetting money laundering by accepting looted money from corrupt people.

Addressing congregants at a funeral service in Wanda village, Kisumu County, Raila blasted churches for undermining war against corruption, but reiterated that the fight will never stop until all corrupt people are jailed.

He stated that funds that had been set aside to build hospitals and roads were being looted and given to churches under the guise of a donation.

"Churches are being used as avenues for money laundering. They launder money which has been corruptly acquired.”

“We cannot fight corruption if we do not fight its tentacles. We have said in the past look for avenues where they can launder their money," Odinga stated. 

The former Prime Minister explained that some politicians go to churches supposedly to do fundraisers and they are praised for their hospitality and generosity. However, nobody asks them where the money is coming from.

"Every weekend, this church Ksh5 million, the other church Ksh5 million, the other church Ksh5 million. That's Ksh15 million in one weekend.”

"Your salary is only Ksh1 million per month and in a whole month, you could donate Ksh100 million. This needs to be investigated," Raila stated in reference to Deputy President William Ruto’s donations to churches.


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