Why RUTO is just wasting his time with early campaigns, Interesting observation on succession politics.

By Mwangi X Muthiora.
Succession politics is not about how long you've been in the game
Prior to former President Moi's retirement, his successor was not known until very late into the succession campaigns where Odinga endorsed former President Mwai Kibaki. Moi himself happened as an accident, there was efforts to block him from running.
Kibaki easily defeated then Moi's project as the country struggled to break the status quo. Then came Kibaki succession politics. Somehow, people close to the administration frustrated Uhuru unsuccessfully.
After almost giving up to Musalia Mudavadi, Kibaki men preferred candidate, Uhuru and Ruto pulled unmatched campaign strategy and beat Raila flat. This time again, the man who became president was not known until late in the campaigns when TNA was formed.
2022 we're heading into yet another succession period. Just like in the previous three instances, the man who shall occupy the house on the hill will be known late into the campaigns. This early campaigns by TangaWezi is a fetish wet dream.
Who is Ruto campaigning against or competing with? A ghost right? All through, Ruto had played his cards very well, unfortunately he will end up like all the other leading luminaries of past succession politics. You cannot change some political 'principles'.
Kenyatta was least expected to be President, Moi happened as an accident, Kibaki was never considered a serious contender, Uhuru was picked from the streets and his successor is in incubation. Another thing; with the exception of Kenyatta and Moi, the two later presidents succeeded in the third and second attempt.
This excitement in Tanga Tanga Movement is short-lived. Not unless Ruto changes tact and withdraws his attack on President Uhuru, support war on Corruption and the Big 4 agenda. Only then shall he raise his stakes on the presidency.
Then again, who can take Ruto any serious when he continues to keep thieves and murderous for friends? If his lead campaigner in Kiambu County is Ferdinard Waititu, he can rest assured he has already lost half the votes because one of the biggest casualties of 2022 campaigns shall be Waititu and his MCAs.


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