Friday April 12, 2019-Inooro FM presenter, Jeff Kuria, has lamented over the weird behavior of many Kikuyu gospel artistes in Central Kenya.

Commenting on social media on Friday , Kuria who now co-hosts Inooro FM breakfast show 'Hagaria' says he was shocked to learn that most of Kikuyu community gospel artists  camp at Kenyatta University Funeral Home waiting for somebody to die so that they can perform in his/her function.

“I was shocked by the number of Gospel artists flocking at KU mortuary every morning to look out for opportunities to perform in burials just to earn a living. This is absolutely sad,” Jeff wrote on social media.

Though economy is not doing well it is very wrong for somebody to camp outside a mortuary to wait for an opportunity to make money. Shame on these Kikuyu gospel artists.

We hope the management of the mortuary will chase out these scavengers who were waiting to make money out of somebody’s demise.


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