Wednesday April 3, 2019-United Nations (UN) is the biggest financier of Somalia-based terror group, Al-Shabaab, who have made the East African region a living hell.

This was revealed by Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary, Macharia Kamau, who noted that the UN gives the Al-Shabaab at least ten per cent of humanitarian aid sent to Somalia.

According to a tweet by the RTN Somali TV, the UN facilitates the transportation of food materials and other supplies to the war-torn horn of Africa.

"Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Macharia Kamau says United Nations funds Al Shabaab.

 He said the UN was giving 10 per cent of humanitarian aid to terrorists to grant safe passage of food and other supplies in war-torn regions," the local Television channel wrote on its official Twitter page. 

The revelation now put the UN on the spot for funding a terror cell that has been involving itself in a series of mass murder in East Africa.


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  1. This happens in all areas with such miscreants in control. The UN may not directly do this but those contracted by the UN to provide services and goods are forced to part with a small part of their earnings to AOGs(Armed Organized Groups) to ensure their access to areas controlled by the bandidos. The word is; outsource the risk to third parties. Bottom line is that the money comes form UN coffers via the contratees to the pockets of the rebels.

  2. This is not surprising. Most of conflicts worldwide is funded indirectly by them through proxies. Of course they will feign innocence.