Tuesday April 23, 2019-President Uhuru Kenyatta has hilariously asked West Pokot Governor, John Lonyangapuo, to explain to him what he meant when he made Kijana fupi, amenona round comment.

Last week, Lonyangapuo became an internet sensation after he referred to youthful politician Dennis Ruto Kapchok as mulmulwas (a roundish thing).

However when Uhuru met Lonyangapuo last week he hilariously inquired about Kijana fupi, amenona round comment.

The President couldn't help but laugh when he met the governor and sent his aides laughing when he asked about the remarks.

Lonyangapuo in explanation said he made the remarks to refer to his political rival Dennis Ruto who is being used by his political rivals to cause chaos in his county.

On his defence, Ruto said he had questioned why the deputy governor Nicholas Atudonyang works from the United States of America as opposed to being based in the county.


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