Friday April 26, 2019-President Uhuru Kenyatta's affordable housing project won big during the joint Kenya-China business forum held in Beijing, China on Friday morning.

This is after more than 11 companies pledged to invest in the housing scheme that would see Kenyans get cheap houses.

Cabinet Secretary (CS) for Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development, James Macharia, revealed that 11 Chinese companies were jostling to get a piece of the pie in terms of investing in the project.

"So far, more than 11 Chinese companies have expressed interest in investing more than Ksh1.9 trillion to build more than 721,000 affordable housing units," read an excerpt of a tweet by CS Macharia.

He affirmed that the potential investment would go a long way in bridging the current deficit of about 200,000 housing units annually within the country.

Uhuru is with Opposition leader Raila Odinga to seek more loans for the SGR as well as woo Chinese investors to Kenya.


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