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-Election season is one of the biggest moments of harvest for most mgangas

-If history is anything to go by, aspirants for elective posts are probably trooping to their secret places to arm themselves talismans and ‘juju’

It is that time of the year again, when Kenyans go to the voting stations to elect new leaders.
Around this time, there is heightened anxiety, confusion as propaganda rents the air both online and offline, as well as massive spending of money and distribution of campaign merchandise.

Some politicians have been known to visit their ‘personal’ sangomas to get that special magic potion or object to help them win, or even ‘bewitch’ voters and their opponents.

Different sangomas and herbalists use a wide range of items to ensure their clients’ wishes come to pass.

Some of these include using magic oil, which the politician simply applies to his seat in the chambers, or special spices to add to voters’ food during campaigns, thus ensuring the clients of a landslide victory.

Others have recently revealed that they treat batons and flywhisks, which are commonly used by politicians. The flywhisk is meant to bring the crowd together to vote for the particular candidate.

The use of magic charms such as rings, necklaces or bracelets is not new, especially in Africa.
Dr. Mugwenu, a traditional herbalist, who has been in the trade for several years, says he gives his clients these rings in order to protect them from misfortunes and ward off evil spirits, besides attracting a sense of wellbeing and good tidings to the wearer.

“I once had a client who came to me after struggling with a recurring problem,” Mugwenu said. “The client had over 18 spells cast on him to deal with the issue but none of the spells worked for him.”

The rings Mugwenu gives his clients are said to be the oldest powerful mystic rings, organized by great magicians from the early 150-800BC. These rings were made to be for Pharaohs, prophets, and goddesses of Egypt. He says these rings have powers from the angels of the 7th planets.

Among the powers the rings have include good luck, magic wallet of fortune for wealth and riches, magic for success in life and career, peace, healing, and protection, but most of all love and healthy relationships.

Mugwenu says for those struggling to find love or to be loved, the rings make you attractive to people, besides making you see miracles when least expected. They also protect you from unexpected dangers such as accidents, attacks, enemies, stray bullets, and if you’re looking for a job promotion, it helps you get one.

Dr. Mugwenu says he also solves witchcraft spells, manhood problems, barrenness, binding lovers together, preventing your partner from cheating on you, making your partner love you alone, get a divorce settlement quickly from your ex-partner, making your partner satisfy you in bed, removal of bad luck, as well as making your children listen to you and follow your instructions.

“We help passing interviews, unfinished jobs by other doctors, so if you were not satisfied with a previous one, I welcome people to see me,” he added.

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