This post reveals the real situation on the ground, Kenya’s economy is in shambles


Isn't it ironic that the more broke you are, the more broke the economy is, is when the cost of living escalates.

I mean, my landlord increased our rent. Not that my income has improved. Infact, salaries at the two places where I work, were slashed on the last 15 months. Slashed by nearly 50 per cent.

Fair enough the landlord has not increased rent for us, one of the oldest tenants, even though for every tenant who exited, the incoming one was slapped with an increment. He has been patient with us for five years and he did give us a two-month notice. Fair enough. Because other landlords in the hood, start d increasing the rent immediately the tenants' associations wanted to pave the roads with the estates two and half years earlier.

But why increase rent? It is not like there are any improvements that are being done on the apartment. Not much difference since I moved there. Not that they fix anything for me once the cheap installations they used in the house come off. In fact, I do two repairs monthly, that cost me anything between Sh 2,000 to 5,000.

Since I moved there, the cost of electricity, has moved from an average Sh 800-1,200 to an average of 3,500-4,000 monthly. There is no explanation from Kenya power for this. Just bad old greed.

Even the garbage lady used the paper bag ban to increase the garbage collection fee. And by adding the fees, it is not like she has improved her garbage collection standards, garbage stays in front of our apartments longer than necessary, often stinks to high heavens, and cats have a way of ripping the polythenes and exposing some ugly stuff like used, you-know-what.

Anytime now, the security guy will cite some BS and increase the security fees.
There is no nearby public school, so tots obviously goes to private which costs an arm and a leg. And her age, every other week, we pay for a trip or some indulgence, that to me looks some fleecing. I mean, I never went for any academic trip until I was in secondary school. I have only stepped inside a swimming pool twice in my entire 50 years on Earth.
The cost of food is not any easier. Neither is the cost beer.

In the six years of Jubilee that is the summary of my life. Nothing improved.
I know I am not alone.

It would be understandable, if Kenya was facing the North Korea or Iran type of sanctions. But we are not. But we deal with leaders who have sanctioned their brains and citizens who think SGR is better than a functional public education. Who think someone in Baringo needs electricity first, before they can afford food sustainably.

"So Silas, have you tried business?"
People ask. But when was the last time you tried to produce anything locally? Ugandan farmers( Kenyans too in Uganda) are having a good time because the cost of production in Uganda is humane. Our tax regime has become increasingly nasty, that even the patient Indian industrialists have closed shop, or resorted to importation. More companies close shop in Kenya than those that open.

I know I am not alone.
I don't know the way forward. There is not a single leader up there who inspires confidence. At best they are all inept, greedy fools, and at worst, they are dead neck upwards.
In other news, there is a neighbour with a cock that has been making noise some 4.30 a.m.
I hate people who keep pets and cocks in apartments. Very soon I may form a unit that moves around, pretending to be from the City Inspectorate and asking for permits and arresting everyone who tries to make life a living hell for others.


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