Thursday April 11, 2019-Former Jubilee Party Vice Chairman David Murathe has revealed how Deputy President William Ruto manipulates Government tenders and end up with billions in his pocket. 

Speaking during an interview with KTN's Tony Gachoka, Murathe noted that such treachery is what has made him hate the DP and vowed to oppose his 2022 Presidential bid. 

He described Ruto is a man who could call procurement officers and give them instruction on how to award tenders. 

Murathe further revealed that Ruto would be part of the teams that inflate tender costs, adding that he had witnessed that himself. 

"I have witnessed and said it publicly in some other TV shows," Murathe admitted. 

"If the DP can behave the way he is behaving today, what will happen if he becomes Air Force One of this country? " Murathe posed.



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  1. T9 every Kenyans and the world at large knows your election thief vampire is the real thief from grandfather to son to his kids, who you are trying to depict he clean and watching when in actual fact they are the real looters.

    Stop dragging the DP in covering all the loots the country is faced with.

    If you hate the DP with passion to the extent you go to national TV to vomit your booby-ness after the truth has come out of the vampires uniting under the satanic handshake, go shoot your ass then come tell Kenyans how it feels.
    Again you are lawyer, why do you have to drag Orengo to file your case. Go do it yourself or you are those quacks lawyers with no brain but depend on looter to give you carbon dioxide that is making defecate shit everytime you see the DP.

    Kicha ni ugojwa baya T9.