Monday April 29, 2019-Fresh details have emerged about why Al-Shabaab militants are increasingly targeting medical officers in their recent kidnappings, with the latest being the two Cuban doctors who were abducted in Mandera almost a month ago.

According to intelligence reports, Al Shabaab militants have recently suffered casualties during engagements with Amisom forces in Somalia and US air strikes including where the US killed 52 al Shabaab extremists in January.

As a result, Coastal DCI chiefs and Anti Terror Police bosses in Northern Kenya have been warned to be on high alert that the militia group is in dire need of doctors and medical equipment, the reason they want to kidnap medics. 

The group is believed to be planning to hijack a county Government ambulance which has been plying the El Wak – Kotulo route. 

The report further indicated that the Al-Shabaab group was planning a number of attacks in Mandera including bombing the Mandera airstrip and kidnapping a number of NGO workers, foreigners, and Government officials.


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