By Peter Mwangi
There's something with Somali Community! 20 years ago, they were no-where to be seen. Political class cared less about them. They were ignored like the Makondes.
But today, they control 60% of businesses in Nairobi and Mombasa! Close to 70% of hotels in Nairobi are owned by them. 80% of Mpesa shops are owned by them. They control Safaricom,Airtel,fashion and Electronic shops. Most high end buildings are now under their names.
They are the biggest importers of goods in our country. They long overtook Kikuyu in almost everything including giving birth!
Not forgetting, they are in every government office! They are biggest beneficiaries of government appointments!
Currently, they are among 12 biggest tribes in Kenya!
In few years time,if the other tribes don't wake up from their slumber, Somalis will be calling the shots in all sectors.
Their aggressiveness and go-getter attitude is unmatched!

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