The major blunder that SIFUNA made leading to a humiliating defeat in Embakasi South and Ugenya by-elections.


ODM defeat in Embakasi South and Ugenya constituency by-elections transcends defeat, it exposes the soft underbelly of the party and the hypocrisy always covered with the glossy Tibim Tialala slogans.

This embarrassment is historic and can't just be wished away by a mere tweet or a hollow facebook post by the party SG Edwin Sifuna.

Sifuna should come out in no uncertain terms and admit grave failure on the part of the party the way he does when attacking Luhya leaders and William Ruto.

The Orengo-Sifuna axis got it all wrong from the word go. They went to Ugenya and thought they'd whip people's emotions by selling Ruto's impeachment to the voters.

In Embakasi South, they played the same cards -- attacking Ruto all through without selling the track record of the ODM candidates and branding Ochieng and Mawathe as Ruto allies.

For those who are new in this game, this was a cleverly woven strategy by empty-heads to muddy the reputation of the two victors; yaani, when a hyena wants to eat its children, it first accuses them of smelling like nyama choma. It backfired badly!

Voters in the two constituencies refused to buy that tired line and made it profusely clear, through the ballot, that the nonsensical attacks on Ruto and trying to paint some candidates as Ruto candidates can't and should never have been a campaign agenda in the first place.

You know I'm a very generous man, I'd have asked the party to embark on a clinical reassessment of its strategies and approach going into 2022 but I know that the knuckleheads at Orange House see no evil, hear no evil.

Meanwhile, Ruto's move to take credit of Embakasi South and Ugenya constituency by-elections victories is thoroughly in order. What happens when stones are thrown at you? You do what Ruto is doing.     

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