Sick country! This disabled under-age girl called CHEBET from Narok was raped and impregnated, Where is justice(PHOTOs)

 Alibine Kirui writes;
I want to shout with a thunderous voice,
That the hills may hear and echo the news that a child of my country was robbed of her innocence,
I want to shout till the message reach those in government,
That a child of my country was defiled,
Chebet a child from a poor family in Narok south was defiled and got pregnant in the process.
She is just a child living with disability,
Just because she is poor,
She didn't deserve this injustice,

God knows her children,
God knows Chebet and her siblings were born disabled.
I'm so full of rage,
The deed was done,
The pregnancy is growing bigger and bigger,
Chebet is innocent,
She doesn't even know what is happening in her body,
She is still a small baby who wants to play with other children,
Maybe her father could have protected her but he is also mentally handicapped,
Her mother is poor and helpless,
All she could think is how chebet and her four siblings who are also physically disabled could get the elusive one meal per day.
It breaks my heart,
It breaks the heart of any human born of a woman to know that a child of 13 years,
A child living with disability was defiled and impregnated by a grown up man .
I will shout again,
Maybe the authorities will pick my voice from the wind,
Maybe those concerned with children's rights will hear this cry of pain and assist Chebet to get justice,
Being born poor was painful enough,
Being born disable was a burden enough,
And now the act of defilement and pregnancy is the most outrageous and barbaric act which should be condemned with all power at our disposal,
The culprit must be brought to book to face justice,
His manhood should be hanged on a tree to dry as a deterrent to others that they should keep their dirty appendage away from our children.
Thanks Hon Jimmy Luka for visiting the family and highlighting the story.
The children are innocent and do not deserve any injustice whatsoever.


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