Wednesday, April 10, 2019- Business at  Moi Teaching and Referral hospital came to a standstill on Tuesday morning after a 28 year old man identified as Naftali Kinuthia hacked his girlfriend Ivy Wangechi  to death.

Kinuthia accessed the hospital where his girlfriend  was doing practicals with an axe and knife hidden in a sack.

He is reported to have attacked Ivy Wangechi from the back when she was leaving the hospital.

Members of the public had to scamper for safety after the suspect started threatening them with an axe when they tried to rescue the deceased.

Kinuthia tried to escape after committing the murder but he was cornered by bod-boda riders.

A mob gathered and beat him like a dog before police rescued him.

Here’s a video showing the serious injuries he sustained after an angry mob descended on him.


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