Friday, April 19, 2019-Likoni Deputy OCS, Joab Omondi, has committed suicide after killing   his girlfriend Peninah Kaimenyi.

Omondi’s girlfriend worked as a bartender in a local bar and it’s reported that he arrived at the bar at around 11.40pm on Thursday night(yesterday).

His girlfriend served him his favourite drink and after a while, a scuffle between the two ensued.

The cop took  his Ceska pistol and shot his 25 year old girlfriend.

She was rushed to Coast General Hospital where she was pronounced dead upon arrival.

The cop took the same pistol and shot himself dead.

It’s not clear what led to the scuffle between the two lovers which lasted for a few minutes before the cop shot his girlfriend and then used  the same gun to end his life.

Body was moved to Coast General Hospital mortuary. The motive of the shooting is yet to be established," Police said.


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