Friday April 5, 2019-United States Government has revoked visa of International Criminal Court (ICC) Chief Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, for trying to investigate atrocities committed by US soldiers in Afghanistan.

According to US State Department, Bensouda’s visa was revoked for trying to investigate US soldiers who were on a peace keeping mission in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The US invaded Kabul in 2003 under the leadership of George Bush, the predecessor of Barack Obama but the forces are yet to withdraw fully even after Congress passed such resolutions.

Now US Foreign Secretary, Michael Pompeo, said Bensouda is persona non grata in US for trying to undermine US soldiers.

"If you're responsible for the proposed ICC investigation of US personnel in connection with the situation in Afghanistan, you should not assume that you will still have or get a visa, or that you will be permitted to enter the United States.

"We're prepared to take additional steps, including economic sanctions if the ICC does not change its course," Pompeo said.

Mrs Bensouda however, insists that she will perform her duties without a fear or favour, adding that all countries are subject to ICC investigations in crime related activities.


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  1. USA is big brother remember? Now if it was a lowly 3rd world banana republic Fatou would be wiggling her butt all over the place.