Wednesday, April 3, 2019- City socialite Vera Sidika is back to her ratchet behaviours and fans are suspecting that she might have revived her sex business.

For those who don’t know, Vera Sidika started as a high end prostitute before venturing into other businesses.

She travelled far and wide to satisfy the sexual thirst of her high end clients who  included drug dealers and fraudsters.

Vera Sidika stopped doing prostitution as the main business  and started  side-hustles which  seems to be flopping badly.

The high end salon she started in the leafy suburbs of the city is almost closing down after incurring heavy losses.

Her detox tea which she has been pushing on her social media pages has also flopped.

The curvy socialite is back to her main business of selling flesh  to wealthy men.

Check out this photo she posted advertising her goodies.


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