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Wednesday April 24, 2019-Police recruits at Kiganjo Police Training College have accused Director of Studies, Ms Susan Wangeci Mwangi of extorting money from trainees.

According to one recruit, who sought anonymity, Ms Mwangi collect Sh 2400 from all officers in the college for track suits which turn to be of low quality.

The recruit also revealed to us that they are forced to buy printing materials from a specific company believed to be owned by Susan Wangeci.

Also for every exam the recruits take they are charged Sh 200 adding to Sh 3000 per head.

Top officials at the college also mint Sh 200,000 from the trainees through a maintenance fee of Sh 200 per head.

 “In case of any breakage, individual recruit is forced to cater for the damages, yet nothing is repaired or bought, “the recruit said.

 Now they recruits are demanding the sacking of Ms Susan Wangeci Mwangi since she is the epitome of corruption in the institution.


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  1. This happens in all training institutions of the uniformed personnel. DCI/DPP/EACC kazi iko hapa...