See the propaganda that is being spread about Huduma number through posters , it’s being linked to devil worship(PHOTO).

Wednesday, April 3, 2019-The newly launched Huduma number is now being linked to devil worship by some brainless Kenyans.

A day after President Uhuru Kenyatta launched the Huduma number in Machakos County , these  posters spreading propaganda about the new  Huduma number  were  spotted hanged in some parts of Machakos town.

The posters might have been printed by politicians who are against the Huduma number.

This is just stupidity.


  1. Shallow mindedness. Indeed the mark of the beast is prophesied BUT not this huduma thing... the word is explicit... do not take the mark in your bodies i.e either hand or in the forehead. So the huduma thing is not it.....yet. It may lead there in the end but definitely not it now. I mean we already have Id numbers, Passport Numbers, Admission Numbers, Service Numbers or employment numbers etc. The Huduma one is just amalgamating all these into one. So wakristo msihofie how kupotoshwa na maandishi kama hizo hapo juu. Ni upuzi mtupu. Of course it will reach a time when we shall be required to either take the mark in our bodies as prophesied, that time you have every right to exercise faith and say nah.... but for now go register wahcheni pangángá.

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