See how RAILA betrayed MIGUNA MIGUNA even after risking his life mobilizing Kenyans and swearing him in as ‘President’? You don’t do this to a comrade

Wednesday April 24, 2019-Self-styled lawyer, Miguna Miguna, has savagely attacked ODM leader Raila Odinga for betraying him like Judas even after risking his life for him.

In a hard-hitting Facebook post, Miguna hit out at the ODM boss saying he risked his life mobilising Kenyans to support Raila after the disputed 2017 Presidential elections only for Raila to betray him.

"When I founded the NRMKe and risked my life mobilizing Kenyans and swore Raila-in, I did that for freedom, which Raila has betrayed," his Facebook post read in part.

However, he vowed to remain steadfast despite the betrayal by Raila and called on Kenyans to revolt in order to restore the lost glory of Kenya.

"I have remained firm, consistent and fearless. Now, take a look at that despicable creature again. Do you have words to describe what Raila has become? Raise up your hands, Raila zombies! Revolution is the way!" he added.


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