See how police officers lured dangerous thugs in Dandora and shot them dead-They were caught flat footed.

Thursday, April 25, 2019- Police officers in Eastlands are using disguise as a tactic to deal with violent crime in the city.

On Tuesday, police officers dressed as religious women in long religious veils, lured two armed thugs before shooting them dead at Stage ya Maji in Dandora.

The two thugs were part of a five-member gang that has been reigning terror on worshipers attending church services at night.

The officers who were wearing religious garbs were confronted by the armed thugs and asked to part with their valuables.

“It is then that they realized that they had been trapped and two of them drew pistols and fired at the officers who retaliated and shot them dead,” said Kamukunji police commander Adamson Bungei.

 “Police severally tried to get hold of them but that did not work, it is then that they improvised the trick,” he said.

This tactic has been used before when police officers killed a gang that had been rapping women along Ngong Forest.

Police officers started posing as women and before long, they eradicated the unsuspecting criminals.

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