Tuesday, April 2, 2019-It has emerged that Rwandese women are enlarging their genitals through a practice called ‘gukana’.

The practice involves pulling of the labia minora(vagina lip)  to elongate it.

The elongation of labia minora is carried out by the girl’s aunt or mother.

According to BBC, the practice is aimed at increasing sexual pleasure.

It’s pulled till it’s the same size as the middle finger.

A Rwandese woman who has been carrying out the practice spoke to BBC and revealed how it’s done.

According to the woman, after pulling the labia minora or simply the vaginal lip , concoction of herbs and cow fat are applied on it.

 “I have done this work for many years in Rwanda but have just crossed to neighbouring Congo. I charge up to Sh10,000 for the procedure,” she said.

World Health Organization classifies the elongation of the labia minora as a  form of female genital mutilation.

WHO states that the procedure causes complications during birth but a medical doctor refuted the claims and gave the procedure a clean bill of health.


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