Wednesday, April 10, 2019-The country is in shock after a middle aged man identified as Naftali Kinuthia hacked his girlfriend to death in Eldoret.

Kinuthia travelled all the way from Thika to Eldoret where he carried out the heinous murder in broad-daylight.

He attacked Ivy who was a  medical student at Moi University when she was leaving the hospital where she was doing her practicals

Those who witnessed the murder said that Kinuthia attacked the young lady from the back, hacked her with an axe and then cut her neck as members of the public scampered for safety.

He then tried to escape after carrying out the murder but he was cornered and beaten to near death by a mob before police rescued him.

It has now emerged that Kinuthia sent Ivy Ksh 14,000 for her birthday party which was slated for Wednesday April 1oth( today).

After sending her the money, she allegedly went mum.

Reports indicate that Ivy Wangechi had broken up with the killer suspect but he kept on stalking her.

They have allegedly known each other since childhood.

Kinuthia’s mother confirmed that he was aware of the relationship between her son and the late Ivy during a phone call interview with KTN.


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  1. ladies should also learn to understand that men struggle to keep a relationship. they should also financially compare their boyfriends with their brothers.
    and to us men, we shouldn't waste too much time and money on a relationship that's full of JUDAS AND THOMAS. let's be wise always. Most importantly, don't kill someone's daughter because of a relationship, more serious ladies are plenty and in need of serious men

  2. Enter your comment...let da soul of ivy rest in peace and plz da govt through our blved l
    prezo let justice be done to ivys family

  3. Enter your comment...it's costly to have possessiveness in a relationship! it's a hallmark of selfishness. one should never allow a relationship to acquire such a deep emotional depth that in the event one party becoming indifferent it results in death. it's a Pitfall

  4. Enter your comment...This is absolutely sheer madness. How can a man force himself to someone who has no feelings of love at all? Men, we should learn on how to control emotions and anger.

  5. most slayqueens in the country prefer to get more money from there boyfriends than love n when they find more from someone else they easily dump the entire relationship (This are the results)

  6. most slayqueens in the country prefer big money in a relationship than love not knowing how much effort the man put to get her that little help

  7. As far as love is cultivated,we should all know that u cant grow maize where the soil's pH is so acidic. Usiforce mapenzi yasipostahili..True love has times and its wonders ..Ukikataliwa kubali maana kuna mtu mahali anakupenda anakutaka..Never be violent in love

  8. Enter your comment...huyu dem angerudisha hii pesa.....
    Wagikuyu hii ndo aibu ndogo huwa mnajitia...
    Kama humpendi usikubali sevices zake

  9. Slay Queen or not, invested so much money or not,this is just senseless...isnt a human life more than all the wealth in the world? can he buy her life from the grave now with all the money he allegedly invested in her? pls Kenya dont justify this killing,its just wrong...for all you know this girl could have saved many lives in the future...now all these lives are arealdy doomed because the one who would have saved them is now dead...she could have been your loved one...be sensitive...you are the same as the killer if you justify...this not a time to play the blame game but justice and forgiveness