Read this post by OJIAMBO AINEA and weep for this Country, We need a revolution like Sudan

Middle Class the keyboard warriors >>Copied#1- Your tax rate is moving from 30% to 31.5%

2- as a result, government will collect 57 billion pa for the housing f

3- anyone who steals that 57billion or part of it will be arrested and fined 10,000 bob. Yeah. 

You heard it. Ten thousand bob for stealing 57 billion and off you go. The law is black and white on this (see section 25 of the regulations)

4- if you are caught carrying a plastic bag worth 10bob, you will be fined 4,000,000 bob. Again. Yes 4millon bob fine.


- Which category of Kenyans is likely to steal the housing funds? Politicians

- Which one is likely to be found with sukuma wiki in a plastic carry bag? Voters

If you still have a problem understanding why a chicken thief goes to prison and a billions shillings thief is traveling to holiday destinations and has his kids in international schools, there is your answer.
By Ojiambo Ainea.

  1. Ouch!!! Groooooaaan!

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