Monday April 22, 2019-Deputy President William Ruto has once again rebuked National Super Alliance (NASA) leader, Raila Odinga accusing him of destroying his relationship with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Last week, Uhuru came into Raila's defense, insisting that the former premier had no business in breaking Jubilee party, contrary to a number of politicians allied to Ruto.

“Oooh, Raila anavunja (breaking up) Jubilee; which Jubilee have we talked about? Oooh, Uhuru anaingilia mambo ya ODM (Uhuru is interfering in ODM matters); I have no clue even who ODM is,” Uhuru said.

“We sit; we discuss; we agree. He (Mr Odinga) also gives me ideas that enhance something and make it even better. What is wrong with that?” Uhuru added.

For over a year now, Uhuru has maintained that his working relationship with Raila is not political, adding that their main aim is to reunite the country by doing away with toxic politics.

But speaking on Sunday, Dr Ruto dismissed the partnership, citing Mr Odinga's turbulent history in running of party politics. He linked him to mass demonstrations associated with his ODM party.

"These people telling us a lot of stories think that we do know them. They see destructive. If they don't destroy parties, they destroy houses," Ruto said.

"If not houses, they go for railway. And if not railways, they destroy friendship. These are people who we know. For what purpose are we entertaining them for?" Ruto added.


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