Tuesday April 9, 2019-Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader, Raila Odinga, has downplayed his party loss in Ugenya and Embakasi South by –elections, saying it just a “drop in the ocean”.

ODM party lost in the by-elections in Ugenya and Embakasi South constituencies. The margins were sizeable.

 In Ugenya, Movement for Development and Growth candidate, David Ochieng beat ODM’s Chris Karan.

In Embakasi South, Wiper Democratic Movement candidate, James Mawathe beat ODM’s Irshad Sumra.

The contests had been painted as Raila Odinga vs Deputy President William Ruto.

But addressing a press conference on Monday, Raila said ODM loss was not a big deal since it was NASA vs NASA candidates.

"Elections are won or lost. The fact that somebody has lost is not a big deal or an issue... in Embakasi it was Nasa vs Nasa...why is the media making a big issue about it?" he asked.

The former Premier further rubbished claims there are wrangles within the party that hurt campaigning.

He said his party is united and there are no divisions.

“The two by-elections are just like a drop of water in the ocean. ODM remains a very strong and united party," he said.


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