Wednesday, April 3, 2019-The National Environment Management Authority(NEMA) has displayed the bags that Kenyans should use from now henceforth  and warned anyone caught with non-woven bags risks arrest.

According to NEMA boss ,Geoffrey Wahungu, every Kenyan should use a woven bag when going for shopping.

Wahungu said that a crackdown on non-woven bags will start soon and those found with plastic bags or non-woven bags  will be arrested.

 “The penalties are equal to those of banned plastic bags. We are not going to tell them our strategies; that today we will raid Mombasa, Nairobi or Nakuru.

“To be clear, from today, non-woven bags are contraband and people will be arrested,” He said in a presser”
 “We are just implementing a ban that came into effect in 2017; this is not a new order. Those selling and manufacturing the materials should cease or the law shall take its course.” Wahungu added.

 The new woven bags introduced by NEMA have caused a stir amongst Kenyans.

Most men have an issue with carrying the kiondo whenenever they go shopping.

They claim it’s unAfrican for a man to carry a kiondo like a woman.

Here are  photos of the new woven bags introduced by NEMA.

Here are the bags that have been banned by NEMA.


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