Thursday, April 25, 2019-Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, is one of the local politicians known for flashy life.

The youthful Governor loves dressing in flashy clothes and chains that cost an arm and leg.

A video clip of Sonko buying a Versace gold  neckpiece worth Ksh 4.3 million in a high end jewellery shop in Dubai has emerged.

In the store, Sonko is heard telling the sellerI want big chains ingrained with diamond. Big chains are good.”

The Governor shops around and settles for a Versace neckpiece coated with gold which he claims he was buying for his wife.

The shop attendant then tells Sonko to seat down so that they can calculate the price.
“The [Versace] pendant is 98, 200 Dirham (Ksh2.7 million) and the chain is 56, 000 Dirham (Ksh1.5 million). The total [for the neckpiece] would be 154, 200 (Ksh4.3 million),” the store attendant is heard telling Sonko.

Sonko then pays for the expensive Versace neckpiece which cost a whooping Ksh 4.3 Million in dollars.

Here’s the video.


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