On Tuesday, February 12, my wife informed me that she needed to be given a special treat on Valentine's Day. I was broke and thus did not reply to her request.

The d-day, Thursday, February, 14, had drawn nigh but I had no plan of entertaining my wife. "We have been together for long now. I love her. My love for her is ever evident and it does not need to be Valentine's Day for it to be known," I told myself as she walked away, visibly offended. The following day, Wednesday, February 13, I left for work but she intimidated to me that her health was not at its peak. I proceeded to work but told her to let me know if she got weighed down. Later in the evening, I came home at 6pm as usual but found bae was absent and her phone remained unreached. I inquired from neighbours but they maintained they had not seen her. 

As I was walking back to my house, one neighbour signaled me that she had seen her in the company of a police officer who stayed several meters away from our house. I got concerned and wondered how my wife was reportedly in the company of a law enforcer yet there were no sign of robbery in the house. To quench my curiosity, I went to the house of the officer in question with the hope of seeing my wife. The door to the house was slightly left a jar and lights were still on. Owing to the fact that it was a calm evening I was able to hear people talk inside the house. The voice was that of a man and that of my wife. 

Before I could knock, the two begun making funny sounds. My wife spoke as if she was losing breath and giggled uncontrollably. It did not require rocket science to realise the duo was trying to get intimate. I slithered inside the house and headed to the bedroom where the two were having fun. Before reaching the door, I was met by a shocker that left by body numb. "Ouch, Ouch! Kwani ni ya punda. Aki Caleb, wacha, wacha, wacha, basi maliza haraka,” I heard my wife say to the man who was 'eating her'. With a revengeful attitude, I declared my presence in the house and threatened to cause havoc if I entered the bedroom.

"Usipotoka huko utaona chenye Mathew aliona December. I think unajua niko na bunduki," the man barked with a hoarse and scary voice that sent chills down my spine. I decided to leave before doing something stupid that could cost my life. "I am happy here, kwanza hata wewe huzai. Ameniambia atanioa," read an SMS sent by my wife after I arrived in my house. The communication left me a broken man. 

Our two-years relationship had just been ruined in a split of a second. She decided to walk away since I could not make her pregnant. The following day, Thursday, February 14, I told the neighbor who directed me to where my wife was.what transpired. She comforted me but revealed that she could help me find a lasting solution that would see my wife come back. She referred me to her friend who had experienced infertility issues but ended up getting a child. 

The lady said she contacted a medicine man identified as Doctor Mugwenu who provided a remedy for an infertility challenge that had truck her. At the end of the conversation, she linked me up with Mugwenu. I called him and after listening to me, he pledged to reign in on my plight. He invited me to his office in Majengo, Vihiga county, where I was given medicine that was set to cure my infertility. Mugwenu further provided a concoction designed to bring back my bae. 

After a week, I received a call from my wife. She could not even make a proper sentence as she unsuccessfully wrestled sobs. She pleaded with me to forgive her promising never to walk out of my life again. 

She came back on Tuesday, February 26. We spoke over the issue and decided to let it be water under the bridge. During my conversation with the medicine man, he revealed to me that he handles dozens of other problems. Some of them that he highlighted include: 

1. Spinning court cases in any direction 
2. Winning lottery 
3. Protection of family and property 
4. Clearing bad dreams 
5. Expunging spirit attacks 
6. Future predictions Apart from societal challenges, he also has expertise in treating life threatening ailments like TB and syphilis. 

Others include: high blood pressure, diabetes, ulcers, gonorrhea, poor bedroom performance and fertility related complications. To get solutions from the herbalist, you do not have to be physically present. He is also an expert in executing distant healing. Mugwenu Doctors can work together with you, but detachment is the key to success during this healing process. 

You must be in a quiet place and detach yourself from everything around you. This is very important because your must connect without any interference . 

How to contact Daktari Mugwenu Call - +254740637248 Online - www.mugwenudoctors.com 

Physical location is Majengo town, Vihiga County. 

Working hours are from Monday to Friday from 9am-6pm

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