Meet a man with a VAGINA on his forehead

Mke wangu ni mtamu hata singependa mtu amkaribie hata kama ni nani.Mimi ni simba,nikinguruma wanauma hujikunja mkia ndani.Lakini bibi yangu alikuwa shetani juzi,sijui nini ilimuingia.

Mimi nilikuwa niende kufanya kazi Airport na nilikuwa nimejirayarisha kama kawaida.Reaching at the gate,I was told workers were on strike.We stayed at the gate for a while before we decided to return to our houses. I had not anticipated anything because when I left, my wife was still asleep.

Before I parted ways with friends, they told me to accompany them for tea in a nearby kiosk. While we were taking tea, my wife called to ask whether I would stay at work or return home.I told her our office wasn’t affected with the strike and that I would spend the whole day there. I didn’t want to return home early.

Few minutes after taking tea, my friends went to their homes, I was left alone in the hotel. Idleness set in and I decided to go home.

Kukaribia kwa nyumba,mama wa duka aliniita akaniambia aliona bibi yangu na Jomo.Jomo ni care taker wa nyumba.My heart started beating fast, I guessed there was something amiss. I immediately rushed to my house,it’s in the third floor.

Just at the door,nilisikia kitanda ikilia,kocho kocho,kusikia vizuri bibi alikuwa anasema, gwara hapo,gwara kabia,tetema”.Nikasimama tu kusikia,maybe ni panya wanaua.Kusikia tena,sauti ya juu ikatoka,”ouch,waaa,baby kill me now”.Hasira ilinipanda nikagonga mlango mara moja.

Mlango ukafunguka,kumbe hawakuwa wamefunga.Kunagalia nikaona care taker akikimbia kuvalia suruali.Bibi naye alikuwa amejishikilia roho huku amekalia ukuta.I don’t know how I started fighting but what I witnessed left me in tears.The care taker is bigger and stronger than me,he overpowered me and beat me senselessly. He then disappeared.

That afternoon, the caretaker gave me a notice to vacate the house.It was end month.He told me he would take a stern action if I don’t go.The following week I left.But what hurt me most is that my wife still used to talk with him even when we decided to forget the past.I was shocked when I moved out and immediately my wife left me to go and live with the caretaker.In life there is nothing as bad as seeing another man sleeping with your wife again and again.

I wanted to teach them a lesson.I called Dr Mugwenu to help me.I had saved his number from a friend who had consulted the Doctor before.His contacts are:

Phone number: +254740637248

Email address:

After I called him,he told me to give him three days .

It was a joy when the care taker called me one morning claiming ameshindwa kutoka nje ya nyumba because amemea kitu ya wamama kwa uso wake.He went to hospital and the doctors didn’t find any disease and it was well functioning .My wife too had swollen breasts and magotes where moving out her private parts.As days went by the pain increased becouse he could even ministrate so kila mda alikua anavunika kichwa chake.Huyo mtu alinipigia simu kama 30 times in a day promising to give me anything as long as I forgive him.

He finally gave me good money and left the wife for me.But immediately the wife came,I chased her.But I was happy I revenged.

CALL - +254740637248 



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