For most, if not all men, making their special women happy is usually top priority – they live for it

In Africa, married couples are constantly under pressure to ensure generational continuity by siring a brood of children.

Pressure that man face daily

While women have the crazy task of taking good care of their men from how they look to ensuring they’re well fed and the home and children are in order, men have the heavier task of bringing home the bread and making the wife happy.

A man’s wife may look happy when she’s well dressed, has lovely hair, the bills are taken care of, but the material can never take the place of the emotional bond she shares with her man.

Women crave their men’s attention and love. They also want their men to satisfy them sexually.

For years on end, the problem of impotence, premature ejaculation, and/or inability for some men to satisfy their women in the ‘secret chambers’ has been a source of depression and anxiety, sometimes much stress to the men.

Con artists have taken advantage of this problem by providing ‘remedies’ that solve the problem immediately. However, a lot of the medications, ointments and promising cures have fallen flat on their victims’ hopes. Some get even more physical complications, others even dying after using these products.

Many men continue to drown in their sorrows because they just don’t know how to deal with this either because they fear disclosing the issue, or they fear taking remedies that will make things worse, or not work at all.

A story of John Ndiema who disappointed his wife

John Ndiema from Kajiado is one such man who tried everything he possibly could after he couldn’t satisfy his woman in bed.

“I had a serious problem with my nguvu ya kiume,” said Ndiema.

Most wives find it hard to confront their men about this issue as it would either make him withdraw for good or go out to find a ‘mpango wa kando’ so they prefer to talk to a close friend about it than discuss with their husbands.

Sadly, there are women who end up disrespecting or even ignoring their men because they are ‘weak’ in the bedroom.

“It was so shameful for me because I disappointed my wife so many times it became so scary,” he added. “I don’t even have a child with her.”

If a man’s first sexual experience ended up in quick ejaculation, his woman will always or most times turn you down when the issue of sex is raised.

Men are known to immediately find a way to put an end to this as the women may leave them for other men.

Ndiema made a point of dealing with his mental conflict and physical problem so he started looking for information.

“I had too much thoughts of my wife getting sexual satisfaction from other men,” he said.
Salvation of man’s honour from Dr. Mugwenu

It was then that he rigorously scoured the internet and landed on reviews about Dr. Mugwenu , a herbalist in East Africa whose treatments have worked for many.

Dr. Mugwenu from Kigoma, Tanzania who has experience of over 40 years, says he does research in herbal medicine and uses a variety of local herbs mixed with Arabic and Indian herbs, alongside natural foods diet plan which he calls ‘Lishe Bora’.

“We pick the herbs from our environment more so the great forests, then professionally prepare them in order to help people with different problems,” he added.

The herbalist, who carefully and professionally grows the herbs himself, says he uses these concoctions and natural mixtures to heal people who are suffering from all kinds bodily problems.

He says his herbs heal pressure, diabetes, manhood problems, obesity (cut your body in shape), skin complications, infertility /birth complications, and sexually transmitted infections, among others.

“He gave me herbs and advised me to use together with natural things like honey, simsim and others,” said Ndiema.

Besides physical ailments and diseases, mugwenu says he also solves relationship problems such as those in marriage or even dating, business and work related issues, career and political success and all kinds of protection on assets and family, including bringing back lost relatives.

Land disputes, which are very common among Africans, are also solved by this herbalist.

His charms include magical rings, which he gives his clients to avoid bad debts, get lucky in winning lottery games and business tenders, as well as chase away evil and bad spirits.

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