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What is the most important thing in life? Some will say money while some others will say love. But the wisest of all will say “both”. Money makes you rich but no one can guarantee that wealth gives you the ultimate happiness. Had it been the case, all the business magnets have been the happiest person on earth. But things are not that way. Love makes living worthwhile but a life without money has its own set of dire challenges. So, we need both actually to enjoy a meaningful life.

Thus, love spells and money spells are two of the most practiced of all love spells. Love spells are those that help to boost your love life while money spells ensure a healthy bank balance for you.

There are various kinds of love spells to choose from. The most popular ones help to bring love in life. If you are madly in love with the cute you saw in your college the other day and want him to fall for you- love spells would be excellent. Then, there are love spells that work to solve conflict between two lovers. Love spells are also practiced to reunite with your ex flame.

One great love spell is herbal love spell. It will help you to find your true love. To do the spell, you need- a small bowl, quartz, rose petals, lavender buds, vanilla bean (chopped), ground cinnamon, damiana root and white paper. You have to perform the ritual on a full moon night. Mix up all the ingredients and place it inside the bowl. Keep half of the mix aside. Now, write down 5 most desired qualities that you want to see in your partner on the white paper. Fold up the paper & put it inside the bowl. Now, add the remaining mix to it. Add on the quartz & put a lid on the bowl. Every night you will open the box and sniff it while visualizing your ideal partner.

Money spells are great when you wish to bring some good cash power in your life. Are you having some monetary issues in your life of late? Well, in that case, money spells would boost up the positive energy around you to ease your route to wealth.

One of the popular money spells is silver bell money spell. To do the spell you would need- three green candles, white/silver candle, pine oil and of course a silver bell. First, you will anoint all the candles with your pine oil. Then, make a nice triangle with the green candles. Place the white one right at the center. Make sure to anoint your hands as well. Now, you will light up all the candles & ring the silver bell thrice. Next, you will chant the spell. It’s a prayer to bring money to your life. After you are done with the chant, get up from the place.

Do not disturb the area and never take up the bell from your altar until you start to see money. Most importantly, let the candles to burn on your own. In a few days, you are going to witness a steady flow of cash luck in your life. For more knowledge call on +254 740637248 and contact at -http://mugwenudoctors.com/

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