Monday, April 22, 2019-A Kenyan lady was shocked after she snooped through her boyfriend’s phone and found out that he is a sex hungry beast who slides in any skirt that passes his way.

According to the lady, she snooped through his  phone when he went to the bathroom to take a shower, something that is common with many ladies whenever they want to find out whether their men are faithful.

After snooping through the phone, she found photos of his multiple sexual partners saved in the phone’s memory.

This man is a real womanizer.

He sampled all types of ladies from petite, fat to curvy ones.

The jilted lady took to social media and  paraded photos of her boyfriend’s sexual partners.

She claims they were planning to marry next month but their marriage plans will have to be cancelled after she found out the lover of her life is a sex hungry beast.

Here’s what she posted.  

Here's a message from one of his side-dishes praising his bedroom prowess.


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