A Kenyan driver writes;

The other day I was arrested by traffic police officers who set up shop at hospital road intersection for “obstruction”.
They jumped into my car and instructed me to drive to Nairobi area station despite pleading with them to “eat” a punch since it was morning.
Kufika they told me not to enter but kuna njia inaingia hapo car wash where I parked wakasema they need 10k or they book me for “chochote watafikiria”.
I didn’t have any cash so I called a few friends and managed to raise 3k. They told me to go and withdraw at the canteen since they don’t do M-Pesa.
On coming back I called the officer who had snatched my car keys. He had on the big reflective jackets so when he entered the car I noticed something slip from the side pocket into the space between the seats but didn’t want to look not to alert him.
After grabbing the money from my hands he alighted giving me stern warnings “hii Nairobi si ya mamako”.
I drove out of there like a bat from hell nikaenda kusimamia City Mortuary Roundabout.
Kuangalia ile kitu it was a thick envelope inside was Kenyan currency in various denominations. I went to a cafe in Adam’s, ordered a coffee and started to count my money.
It was 63k! I drove to The Junction, did some shopping for my family and gave myself a two-day vacation. Thank you lady Karma, I Know you’re a bitch, but thank you!”

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